Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of the GlutaMAX products are clinically-proven and formulated by experts using advanced technologies to safely provide effective whitening results.

The ideal age for women to use GlutaMAX products is from 18 years old and above since this is the phase where breakouts are more prone to happen either due to stress, hormonal changes within the body or daily exposure to free radicals and to different types of environment.

GlutaMAX products are sold at leading drugstores and online at these official websites: LAZADA.COM.PH, SHOPEE.PH, WATSONS.COM.PH

Since GlutaMAX Facial Wash contains natural ingredients such as Green Tea and Witch Hazel extracts, the facial wash has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pore-minimizing properties that help prevent further breakouts and reduce any swelling caused by acne.

GlutaMAX’s Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream more than just lightens sensitive areas of the skin, it also delays hair regrowth so you won’t have to frequently shave since this habit can also roughen and damage your skin.

We highly recommend that you continuously use GlutaMAX products to maintain a fair skin appearance since it is natural for our body to shed old skin within 30 days. With GlutaMAX products now enhanced with NANOWHITE Technology, all active ingredients will be able to prep the developing new skin with less melanin to bring out a brighter and lighter skin as it emerges.

Yes, your skin will eventually retain its natural skin tone since our skin naturally sheds every 30 days. The new skin has to have been properly conditioned for less melanin production before that even happens. We do recommend that you use GlutaMAX products continuously to maintain a light skin tone.

To take better care of your skin appearance, it is advisable to always put on sunscreen and take your Vitamin C daily. These are additional protection against the sun’s harmful effects and free radicals.

About Nano White Technology

The NANO WHITE Technology is an advanced and premium solution that safely and effectively whitens the skin through liposomal preparation which promotes skin lightening from deep within! Upon application, all active whitening ingredients are quickly absorbed and retained in the skin through NANO WHITE Technology.

From the word Nano meaning minuscule, GlutaMAX’s active ingredients are carried by Nano-molecular liposomes complementary to your skin cell structure so the ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin and pierce deeper into its layers.

Through continued use, you may see results as early as one week depending on your skin type and lifestyle habits. We do recommend you use all available GlutaMAX products to achieve MAXimum whitening effect!

This new ingredient added to GlutaMAX is a natural ingredient extracted from “Kakadu Plum”. The Superox-C is the world’s highest source of Vitamin C which energizes dull looking skin and also fights oxidative stress it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Containing 100x more Vitamin C, it helps improve your skin’s radiance making it more youthful looking. In addition, it is a stimulating agent that helps maximize the efficacy of other active ingredients.


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